The Vena Advantage: The comfort of Excel in an enterprise-class solution

With Vena, you and your team keep using Excel for all your spreadsheet-intensive finance and accounting business processes while benefiting from the features of an enterprise-class corporate performance management (CPM) solution.



No version control No audit trail No collaboration Data integrity issues No source system


Workflow Database centric Audit trail Business rules Source system
Traditional CPM
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Quick modeling Powerful formulas
& calculations
Easy to use,
high adoption
Rich presentation Minimal training


Takes users away
from Excel
High IT involvement Lack of flexibility High ownership costs Low user adoption


A fresh approach that gives you the best of both worlds

Unlike other solutions that take one of two extreme approaches to corporate performance management, Vena combines the best of both worlds in a single solution.

Vena doesn’t make you choose between a rigid, packaged application and an uncontrolled spreadsheet environment to perform the  finance and accounting business processes that drive your organization’s success.

Our fresh approach to CPM connects your Excel spreadsheets, templates, formulas and models to a central database governed by a sophisticated workflow engine and business rules.

As a result, you continue to benefit from the flexibility and unmatched computing power of Excel, while resting assured that your data is secure, accessible and up-to-date.

“If I were to develop BPM software today, this is exactly how I would build it.”

– Craig Schiff, Chief Executive Officer, BPM Partners

Embrace Excel - millions of people do every day

It would be hard to find an organization that doesn’t use Excel for a variety of business processes. Excel is one of the most powerful, flexible and widely used productivity applications in the world.

It’s the go-to application for virtually every department in an organization when they have to budget, plan, forecast or do any sort of data collection and analysis. Given this, why would you want to get rid of Excel?

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Work at the speed of your business

Keeping up with the pace of business – from regulatory changes, to shifting management priorities, to new ways of planning – puts significant pressure on people to adapt and react quickly. All too often, however, technology becomes a barrier to change. Not anymore.

Unlike traditional systems which are inflexible and rigid, Vena allows you to make changes on the fly. The solution enables you to alter your processes, models and approach in an agile way, enabling you, not IT or costly consultants, to respond to changes as they occur.

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No look-alikes here - Vena is the real deal

Most enterprise software products today try to replicate the user experience and functionality of Excel for data entry and reporting.

They add web-based access, a central data repository and automated workflows to spreadsheet-like interfaces to create a solution that users will be comfortable with. Unfortunately, people are often slow to adopt an interface that only superficially resembles the one they’ve been using for years.

The result? People revert to Excel to collect, consolidate, analyze and report on data. They perform vital business functions without data validation rules, controls or management approval. The proliferation of uncontrolled spreadsheets can result in duplicate efforts and introduce a range of risks.

Why should you settle for a solution that tries to mimic Excel when you can have one that leverages native Excel and offers all the structure and security you need?

BPM Partners uncovers how spreadsheet-based performance management provides a competitive advantage, extends performance management into other application areas, and lowers risk.

BPM says spreadsheet-based performance management software is less prone to risk than proprietary solutions.


Seamless Data Integration

Vena automates your financial, accounting and other spreadsheet-driven business processes with a unified and Excel-based solution for all your enterprise users. With Dell Boomi and dedicated data connectors, you can integrate Vena with your existing ERP and financial databases in a fraction of the time involved in building custom connectors. Quickly manage, import and analyze large volumes of data with a single click. Your business stays connected with Vena.