Amway International Case Study


Read about how this prominent North American direct seller and online retailer successfully implemented Vena to automate their Domestic International Sales Corporation (DISC) process.

Amway is a leading online retailer and direct seller of personal care products that operates in over 100 countries and territories. The company, established in 1959 as Quixtar, sees its sales led by name brands such as Artistry, Satinique, Nutillite, eSpring, Legacy of Clean, and iCook among many others.


The name Amway Global was adopted in 2009 to align with the international status of the Amway brand. Amway has helped millions of people lead better lives through consumer products, business opportunities and generous sharing with the One by One campaign for children.

With 3 million independent Consultants all over the globe, Amway realized how important it was to automate their Domestic International Sales Corporation (DISC) process. They needed a solution that would allow for large amounts of data collection and manipulation required by their tax reporting process. Vena gave them the best of both worlds; allowing them to retain their familiar Excel environment, while giving them what they needed from an enterprise software. Users were already familiar with Excel so the solution was easy to deploy and adopt, while managers benefited from valuable time savings and the ability to have insights into how they could reduce costs.  

Why Vena?

  • They wanted a solution that was easy to use, flexible, and intuitive – loved Vena’s native Excel approach
  • Scalability as a platform – They wanted a solution that they would be able to deploy for areas such as Tax Consolidations and Reporting
  • User Experience – The core team felt that Vena’s user experience was above and beyond any other solutions that the team had used in the past and evaluated as part of the selection process

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