A Better Way to Manage Your Budget

Cut your cycle times by up to 77%—while producing more accurate, reliable budgets.

Copying numbers between spreadsheets is a time-consuming, error-ridden process. And, despite your efforts to keep your numbers current, your budgets will be obsolete as soon as they’re complete. This forces you to make decisions based on bad data.

Vena automates your finance processes so that you can produce accurate budgets, faster. And your team won’t need to give up the familiarity of Microsoft Excel to improve the quality of your financial data.

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For many businesses today, budgeting, planning and forecasting are challenging processes involving countless Excel templates, multiple file versions and uncertain data accuracy and integrity. Finance teams often spend their time manually copying, pasting and correcting numbers instead of diving into the story behind them.


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Automate your processes and slash your budget cycle times by more than 75%

Vena automates your time-consuming budgeting tasks—from data collection to the distribution of reports. With Vena, you can:

  • Easily map out and automate your budgeting workflows, including submissions, reviews, and approvals.
  • Produce budgets you can trust. Automating your data aggregation and consolidation limits errors from manual data entry.
  • Integrate users across multiple departments and assign them tasks, which you can track to uncover bottlenecks.

Keep your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and get up and running quickly.

Unlike solutions that “rip and replace” Excel, Vena leverages your existing spreadsheets and models. This means you can carry out complex budgeting calculations and processes from within your trusted program.

Since users are already comfortable with Excel, you can get up and running quickly with very little training and change management. You also won’t need to re-code or develop processes to fit within a traditional FP&A system.

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Optimizing Microsoft Excel

You rely on Microsoft Excel for your budgets, forecasts, and financial reporting. While Excel is a powerful tool, it has limitations.


Embracing Microsoft Excel

If you know Excel, you know Vena. Unlike solutions that “rip and replace” Microsoft Excel, Vena uses your existing spreadsheets, formulas, and models.


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Maximize data integrity across your budgets and plans.

The more stakeholders you have, the more errors you will find in your budgets. When you rely on standalone Excel spreadsheets, it’s easy for someone to accidentally delete data or break links in a template.

Vena’s centralized database and controlled workflows guarantees budget integrity. With a single version of the truth, you won’t waste time making sense of multiple versions.

Tracking every change across versions is easy with detailed audit trails. You can even use audit trails to revert to a previous version in seconds.