vena cpe program - on-demand webinars

Vena is committed to enabling end-users, designers, and administrators alike to unearth the maximum value of the technology and to become self-sufficient.

Vena Academy consists of various hands-on programs to teach designers how to build process flows, intelligent templates and rich analytical reports. We share best practices for Modelers and Administrators to manage the data model, construct data integration (ETL) procedures, and apply effective system security. The standard training course is delivered through a Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting subject. Vena training courses are CPE Accredited.

Below are highlights of the curriculums:

1. Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

  • Operational Expense
  • Cost of Sales/Services
  • Revenue Planning
  • P&L and Balance Sheet reporting
  • Global Drivers and Business Rules
  • What If scenario’s
  • Workflow
  • Security and Audit Trail

2. Data Integration Training (ETL)

  • Importing/Exporting Data and Metadata
  • Re-constructing hierarchies through Import
  • Connect templates to Relational data tables
  • Drill-down to GL Transactions
  • Understanding the SQL Staging Environment

3. Vena Calculation Scripts (Vena Calcs)

  • Understand Script Capabilities
  • Overview of structure and syntax
  • FX Rates conversion
  • Allocations and Forecasting
  • Variance calculations

Vena Academy provides educational content in the below four methods:

  1. Classroom learning at our Vena Training Centre
  2. On-Site Training at your offices
  3. Live Online Classroom Training
  4. Self-study through e-Learning modules

Continued learning can be supported through client specific coaching from our Vena Advisory Consultants, and by being involved in the expert moderated user community.

Whether you are at the start of an implementation or you need a refresher on how to build reports, Vena has a training option for you. It is fun and exciting to work with Vena!

Next Steps!

If you have questions or are interested in participating in a course, please contact Vena Academy will reach out to you and talk with you on how to proceed.