Your success is our top priority

Your success is very important to us - in fact, we have an entire team dedicated to keeping our clients happy and productive. Our Customer Success Team’s number one priority is ensuring you get the highest return possible from your investment in Vena.

We are proud to have achieved top customer satisfaction ratings for our solution and service, but we’re not complacent. We are always open to receiving our customers' feedback and pro-actively seek ways to improve our training methods and resources.

Vena Scores Top Customer Satisfaction Ratings, Achieves Core Vendor Status in 2014 BPM Partners’ BPM Pulse of Performance Management Survey

“[When purchasing Vena,] we…took into account the depth of experience in financial and analytic software that Vena’s management brought. That depth is reflected in their consulting teams, too”
- Shawn Lyons, VP Financial Operations & Corporate Accounting, HomeTrust

We’re right there when you need us

Expert training, support and recommendations are constantly available through a variety of resources, including our highly trained advisers and full suite of training programs and educational material.

Technical Support

Vena’s enterprise-class Technical Support team provides support for technical issues and answers product questions. You can choose either our Standard or Customized support package, based on the needs of your organization. We are committed to providing you with the very best engineering support available. To us, that means providing you with access to experienced, resourceful and proven technical talent.

Training & Education

User adoption is critical to the successful deployment of our product. To that end, we have created Vena Academy - a comprehensive suite of training programs and educational material that will help your team get up and running with minimal disruption to their core roles and responsibilities.

Customer Portal

This resource is continuously updated to provide administrators and users with a wide range of guides and videos tutorials to help them get started with Vena. Customers can also use the portal to track support ticket and collaborate with other members of the Vena community. For customers looking for a more hands-on approach, we also offer on-site classroom training.

Advisory Services

The goal of the Advisory Services group is to help you and your team target your specific business needs and pain points with expert recommendations, advice and support. A range of consultative and mentoring services are available for clients who want additional or ongoing support in order to achieve their goals.