Deloitte Case Study


One of the world’s largest financial services and consulting firms had portions of their organization manually budgeting their revenue and expense planning by distributing and receiving Excel templates from different departments. Vena automated the process and reduced months of tedious manual work that Deloitte’s finance team had to perform.

Deloitte’s Finance team was experiencing issues with email overload and version control. There was a lack of formal workflow that made it difficult for finance managers to track the status of each user-end task without exchanging emails and phone calls.


In addition the finance team also had to manually map different accounts across every GL over a span of several days, this left little or no time for discussion or analysis.

Vena eliminated the need for the Finance team to perform hours of tedious manual work every month. Vena’s central database seamlessly syncs with the company’s multiple GL systems, while dynamic native Microsoft Excel® templates are automatically updated every time a change is made to the source data. Now Deloitte’s finance team doesn’t need to spend time and resources mapping different accounts across GL accounts because of Vena’s automatic mapping functionality. Vena’s powerful workflow engine and audit trail also gave managers control and insight into every task in their revenue and expense planning process.

Why Vena?

  • The entire organization leverages a single Excel template that dynamically meets every user’s and department’s specific needs
  • Mappings are contained in a master data repository that is automatically updated when changes are made to the data contained in the company’s GLs
  • Vena maintains GL mappings across all departments
  • Workflow engine enables managers to assign tasks and deadlines to particular users and monitor their status in near real time
  • Managers can access each budget’s template, owner and due date with the click of a button
  • All departments use a single template, eliminating the possibility of email overload and issues with version control
  • Vena seamlessly syncs with every GL system, automatically consolidating spreadsheets and saving the Finance team a significant amount of time
  • Central storage of data eliminates the need to link spreadsheets or perform complicated macros, saving time and reducing the possibility of error

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