Embracing Microsoft Excel

If you know Excel, you know Vena.

Unlike solutions that “rip and replace” Microsoft Excel, Vena uses your existing spreadsheets, formulas, and models. This allows you to perform complex finance calculations and processes from within the familiar program.

Keep your Excel spreadsheets; get up and running quickly.

Since users are already comfortable with Excel, you can get up and running quickly with very little training and change management. You also won’t need to re-code or develop processes to fit within a traditional finance process management solution.

Avoid buyer’s remorse.

Other vendors try to mimic Excel, but simple things get lost in translation. It’s not surprising that users who try these systems keep reverting back to Excel—creating shadow processes that you have no control over. In fact, 82 percent of businesses still use spreadsheets to supplement their FP&A system.

Vena minimizes change by leveraging Excel. Since users can continue using a tool they already know and love, you don’t need to worry about teaching them something new—or implementing costly technology that no one wants to use.

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Make it easy for your team to create budgets, plans, and forecasts using Excel.

Most financial planning and analysis solutions force users to learn a new program, which can harm your productivity as your team gets up to speed. But with Vena, automating your budgets, forecasts, and financial reporting doesn’t mean giving up Excel.

Since your team can continue using a tool that they’re already familiar with, you will achieve rapid adoption and ROI. Vena customers report 19 percent higher finance team productivity, as staying within Excel eliminates users’ learning curve.

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Become a planning and reporting superstar.

Vena lets you keep all of your models, formulas, templates and other time-saving tools you’ve customized over the years—while making Excel work better for you. Combine Excel with Vena to become your company’s finance process management hero.

Leverage real-time data from your source systems. Analyze and report on the most accurate budget to actual numbers—at the speed of light. Meet deadlines like a champ. Automate your workflows and send alerts to team members when they need to complete the next step in the process.

Easily collaborate with budget owners and reviewers, working together to maximize success.

With Vena, you can minimize manual, repetitive tasks to free up more time for value-added financial analysis, as well as quickly provide management, investors and regulators with numbers they can trust.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to use your financial insights to make better, faster decisions that drive your company’s growth.

Hear From Vena Customers

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“It’s so nice that Vena was built on Excel, as it makes user adoption so much faster and easier.”

Christine Vander Naald
Director of Solution Innovation
  • EG Workforce Solutions

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“The power of Vena is what is behind the Excel spreadsheet. To the average user, they’re using Excel the way they used to. For me it was really a game changer.”

David Levy
  • NAMI

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Get up and running quickly.

With Vena, your team can continue using Microsoft Excel like they’re used to—eliminating the learning curve that can harm your productivity and long-term ROI.

See quick wins.

Since you don’t need to rebuild your templates and formulas in a new platform, you can immediately improve the quality of your budgets, plans, and forecasts.

Drive more value from Microsoft Excel.

Vena lets you use Excel like you are used to (while bringing increased governance and auditability to your processes).