A Faster, Smarter Financial Close

Cut your close times by up to 75% (while gaining 100% confidence in your numbers).

Let’s face it: The financial close process is broken. Most accounting teams rely on standalone spreadsheets when they collect and consolidate data. But these files take forever to update and are riddled with errors. And, if business units store their financial data in silos, you’ll never know if the numbers in front of you are correct. 

Vena improves your accuracy and minimizes risks while cutting days—or even weeks—off your closing times. With Vena’s automated workflows, you’ll not only close faster but gain more accurate reliable data that helps you make informed business decisions.

See Vena’s Financial Close in 6 Minutes

Discover how a centralized database, enterprise-level security, and powerful process automation – not to mention all the flexibility and familiarity of Microsoft Excel – can help build trust in your numbers, shorten time to close, and improve everyone’s confidence in the numbers your team is reporting.

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Eliminate manual closing tasks. Spend more time on in-depth analysis.

Accelerate, automate, and track your entire close process—all from within Microsoft Excel. The less time you spend on manual tasks, the more hours you have for the in-depth financial analysis that drives the business forward. Here’s how Vena gives you more time for what matters:

  • Close faster. Vena automates financial close processes, including data collection, account reconciliation, and intercompany transactions. 
  • Consolidate without headaches. Save hours each period on complex, multi-entity processes such as currency conversions and minority interest calculations. Vena automatically posts your entries to the proper location, such as your general ledger or ERP. 

Simplify even the most complex close process (right within Microsoft Excel).

With Vena, you don’t need to learn a new, complicated piece of software. Your team can perform all of their closing tasks—from data collection to reporting—from within Microsoft Excel. And they can do everything while gaining more control, security, and transparency than ever before.  

  • Always have the latest numbers. Vena connects Excel to a central repository that contains data from your general ledger and ERP.
  • Get rid of complexity. Instantly post entries to the proper location in your entity structure.
  • Save time. Generate and post last-minute journal entries on the fly, without having to go back to the source and reload adjusted data. 

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Remove bottlenecks

When you need to make an important business decision, you can’t afford to wait days for financial data. Vena’s powerful workflow engine makes it easy for you to get the financial data you need, when you need it. 

  • Design a closing process once, assign tasks to users, and repeat every period on autopilot. 
  • Avoid delays with role-based routing that automatically sends updates, approval requests, and reports to the right people. 
  • Receive automatic notifications when a closing task is ready for you to review. With just one click, you can edit, approve, or reject it. 
  • See every change, comment, and signoff—down to the transaction level—with a detailed audit trail and status tracker.