The Fast Path to Accurate, Actionable Reports

Cut your reporting time by up to 99%—while delivering more accurate, insightful data.

The pace of business is accelerating rapidly. If you want to outpace the competition, you can’t afford to put key business decisions on hold—you need insights today.

Vena removes the manual steps from your reporting processes—such as collecting disparate data from multiple sources. With Vena, you can create insightful reports in minutes and free up your time for the in-depth analysis needed to grow your business. 

In fact, Vena customers have reduced their reporting time by as much as 99 percent—delivering three days’ worth of reports and forecasts to the CFO in just minutes.

Powering Up with Vena and Power BI


Create dashboards and visualizations in minutes with the Power BI Connector, Vena’s native integration with the market-leading BI tool.

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Easily create and share decision-ready reports with your team.

With Vena, it only takes seconds to run reports that contain your company’s latest financial data. Vena pulls information from a centralized database so that you can analyze it in real time—no IT support required.

You can easily define and customize reports using Excel’s familiar interface. Vena’s integration with Microsoft Office also makes it easy for you to give leadership the reports they care about. Since these reports are available on KPI and Executive dashboards, sending this data via email is a thing of the past.

Power up with Power BI and deliver stunning reports to any device

Vena’s native integration with Microsoft Power BI puts a wealth of financial and business data in your hands. When you connect Vena with the market-leading BI platform, you can access data that gets overlooked when you rely on standalone spreadsheets for financial reporting. 

It takes just minutes for your IT team to connect Vena to Microsoft Power BI. From there, you can: tell your financial story using interactive visuals and dashboards, create dynamic reports directly from Microsoft Excel using a simple drag-and-drop interface with ready-made templates, view your company’s latest financial data–from any device, and more.

Power BI Vena Solutions Demo

Strategic Dashboard Vena Solutions Demo

Tell a profitable story with your numbers.

Vena consolidates your financial and operational data into a single database so that you can:

  • Stop basing your decisions on guesswork. Your reports will contain accurate data that gives you a full picture of your organization. 
  • Perform ad hoc reporting from within Microsoft Excel. Get the insights you need now—not days from now. 
  • Help others see the complete story. Use Vena’s report builder to add stunning graphics that make it easy to visualize your data and decide on the most profitable course of action.