Quickly Pivot with Agile, Insightful Forecasts

Use the power of Microsoft Excel to produce accurate, actionable forecasts in minutes.

Top-performing firms prepare their financial forecasts in eight days or less. But if you rely on static budgets and annual forecasts, you can’t quickly flex to manage unforeseen events, such as a change in a government policy.

With Vena, it only takes minutes to produce dynamic forecasts that allow you to rapidly respond to change. And, since Vena integrates with Microsoft Excel, end users don’t need to give up their trusted program to improve the speed and accuracy of forecasts.

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Improve the quality of your forecasts so you can make informed decisions.

Static forecasts contain inaccurate numbers that don’t reflect what’s happening in your business. Luckily, there’s a better way. Companies with rolling forecasts report 43 percent more revenue growth over a 2-year period than those with static forecasts.

When you use Vena for financial planning and rolling forecasts, you can:

  • Run forecasts with up-to-the-minute numbers at any time and transform these insights into decision-ready reports.
  • Improve your long-term planning with reliable forecasting that extends beyond your current fiscal year.

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Work with real-time numbers you can trust.

Basing your forecasts on static and standalone spreadsheets leads to data inaccuracies and version control issues.

Vena eliminates these issues by centralizing all of your financial and performance data in one secure place. It integrates with Salesforce.com and other CRM, GL, and ERP systems to ensure your entire company works with data that is complete and up to date—giving you a single version of the truth. This holistic view empowers you to take the right actions at the right time.

Automate your forecasting and get actionable insights faster.

The best forecasts are fast and flexible. To keep pace with the speed of business, you need on-demand insights into what’s happening now. 

But to make forecasting work in Excel, you must manually collect, review, consolidate, and distribute data and reports. Vena automates these time-consuming tasks so that stakeholders will get the information they need when they need it—no emails required.

With Vena, your finance team can spend less time search for data and troubleshooting spreadsheets and more time analyzing the numbers and providing leaders with the insights they need to make savvy decisions.

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“What Vena provides us is a platform that can give ultimate flexibility – with limited IT support. I have full control over the environment, and there hasn’t been functionality that I haven’t been able to deploy.”

Rob Pastega
Senior Manager, Demand & Supply Planning
  • Nutanix

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“Vena helps us to understand what the impact of current decisions are, and what future decisions we need to start making now.”

Jeremy Moser
  • Vanguard University

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Why Vena?

Cut your forecasting time by up to 99%

With Vena, you can turn days of work into mere minutes while delivering reliable forecasts that stakeholders trust.

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Increase the agility of your business

Vena gives you up-to-the-second insights so you can respond faster to changing business priorities.

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Take the right actions at the right time

Vena helps you understand the impact of your current decisions—and what future decisions you need to start making now.

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