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Streamline your administrative workload and get back to helping students succeed

Vena helps you streamline operations and outcomes-based education processes so you have more time to focus on your students’ needs.

Our secure, cloud-based platform helps you and your staff get up and running quickly.

Since you don’t need to be trained extensively on Vena or wait for server or infrastructure set-ups, you’ll avoid the costs that accompany many other enterprise-class solutions.

Dive deeper into Vena as a Assessment & Program Improvement Platform for Post-Secondary Institutions.

Automate your educational accreditation processes

Efficiently collect and consolidate the data you need to demonstrate your programs and graduates meet the standards of accrediting organizations.

Vena’s central data repository seamlessly and securely syncs with your existing data sources and rolls up-to-date data into a central repository on a daily basis.

Use dynamic templates to collect information from any faculty or department. Vena’s central data repository automatically consolidates data for immediate use. This eliminates inefficient email exchanges that needlessly prolong the data collection and consolidation processes.

Using a graphic process designer, you can create workflows that break processes down into a series of repeatable steps – each of which can be associated with a specific user and due date and contain instructions about the task.

Automatically generated emails are sent to the manager and user when a deadline has passed, when a task has been completed and when a template is ready to be edited, approved or rejected, keeping the workflow moving at all times.

Put business rules in place to prevent to unauthorized users from accessing spreadsheets with sensitive information.

Automatically track and report on research endeavors

Maintain detailed budgets of the resources associated with the application and close-down phases of applying for agency grants.

Easily collect data and teaching and research assistants’ hours with dynamic templates and report these numbers to school’s Finance department with speed and ease.

Use the workflow manager to associate tasks with deadlines and make sure grant forms are signed and processed by the deadline.

Produce insightful, presentation-quality reports based on your data with Vena’s report-building wizard.

Get a head start on educational analytics

Address complex issues, such as detection of at-risk students and inter/intra semester student retention with ease and speed.

Design simple or complex workflows that incorporate real-time student assessment data to help predict future student success.

Faculty members can embed commentary or attach supporting documentation to individual student assessments – both of which can be accessed with a single click.

The ability to drill-down to underlying details at a moment’s notice allows you to easily track the status of students who are approaching ‘at-risk’ status and make informed decisions about the advisory measures that should be implemented to prevent student attrition.

Improve institutional effectiveness with streamlined resource planning

Forecast more accurately by using Vena’s playground environment to test assumptions and adjust financial and non-financial parameters to immediately visualize financial impacts.

You can also use the playground environment to perform top-down or bottom-up modeling of your school’s performance.

Use Vena to slice-and-dice your data to analyze it from a variety of perspectives and quickly identify exceptions.

Vena leverages native Excel’s Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to help you and your team navigate financial data models with ease and speed, so you can create high-quality reports that are immediately ready to be shared with colleagues and external bodies.