Optimizing Microsoft Excel

The flexibility of Excel—combined with a secure, powerful database.

You rely on Microsoft Excel for your budgets, forecasts, and financial reporting. While Excel is a powerful tool, it has limitations.

With Vena, you’ll finally be able to make Excel do all the things you wish it could do.

100% Excel. Don’t replace your spreadsheets.

Imagine if you could automate your manual, Excel-based processes—such as formatting spreadsheets, copying actuals from source systems, and distributing reports. Envision a streamlined budget collection process that automatically consolidates hundreds of submissions and directly integrates them with your source systems so that you can create variance reports for in-depth data analysis.

Manual financial report creation and analysis will be a thing of the past.

Here’s how Vena will take you there.

Take Excel to the next level

Vena is the only leading financial planning and analysis solution that lets you use Excel—without compromise. With Vena, you’ll get the full power of Excel. And you won’t need to rebuild your existing templates, formulas, and models to perform in-depth financial reporting and analysis.

Vena automatically inventories and renovates your existing Excel templates and reports—saving you the tedious, error-prone work of recreating everything in a new environment.

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Eliminate version control issues and always work with the latest, most accurate numbers.

Vena connects Excel with a repository that contains data from your GL, ERP, marketing automation, sales, customer support, and other mission-critical systems. You’ll no longer need to make sense of variations or copy and paste data between spreadsheets.

If someone changes their numbers, you’ll see the updates in Excel in real time. You can also use Excel’s built-in audit trail to track changes on a cell-by-cell basis—eliminating your need to search for and roll back errors manually.

Version Control Vena Demo

Strategic Dashboard Vena Solutions Demo

Focus on financial analysis, not copying and pasting data.

Vena removes the tedious, manual steps from your financial processes and gives you more time for the in-depth financial analysis that is needed to drive business growth.

When you combine Vena with Microsoft Excel, you can automate all of your financial processes and save valuable time during mission-critical processes that affect the future of your business.

Hear From Vena Customers

“Before Vena, many of our customers would work until midnight on forecasts, trying to get their hands around disparate data sources. These long hours were painful for them both personally and professionally. Vena helps our customers pull better information together so that they can make better decisions. With Vena, they can continue using Excel but gain controls and processes that protect their business and the integrity of their data.”

Janet Amos-Pribanic
Chief Operating Officer
  • John Daniel Associates

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“Vena is our ideal solution, as it combines Microsoft Excel with a central database that connects to data sources from different departments. It allows us to incorporate both financial and non-financial data into faster, more accurate budgeting, salary planning, and long- and short-term forecasting.”

Lori Lambert
Business Systems Manager
  • Biola University

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Drive more value from Excel.

Keep everything you love about Excel, while automating your workflows and enhancing your data integrity.

Work with accurate, reliable data.

Vena pulls your GL, ERP, and other business data into Excel–giving you fast access to up-to-the-minute numbers you can trust.

Save time while eliminating errors.

When you add a centralized database, workflow automation, and version control to Excel, you can create budgets 45 percent faster with 90 percent fewer errors.