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A global presence, some Canadian spirit, and the drive to see our customers succeed

Vena’s finance process management software accelerates and improves business by connecting people and enterprise data—resulting in better planning, more strategic decision making, and an elevated role for finance.

Trusted by finance. Loved by business.

At Vena, we combine the hunger, energy and agility of a startup with the stability and reliability of a mature company. That’s why world-class investors support Vena, why industry-leading partners promote us, and why you can trust that we’ll go the extra mile to ensure you succeed.

Vena has headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and employs hundreds of team members in offices around the world. Our global network of valued partners means that you’re likely to find a trusted expert in your area who can help you drive greater value from Vena.

Vena continues to earn recognition and awards for our product innovation and unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Familiar. Friendly. Future-Proof.

Vena was founded on the belief that the technologies you know and love should be incorporated into your business—especially as your finance processes and workflows become more complex.

That’s why we made Microsoft Excel our foundation. We turbocharged the popular software so it does all the things you wish it could do—resulting in an award-winning, enterprise-class finance process management solution. Your team can keep using the tool they love but gain the security, control, and centralization your data needs.

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What Our Customers Say

“They’re not giving me a product that they think is better – they’re actually listening to their customers, and bringing forward solutions that their customers say they’re looking for.”

Darrell Rooney
Senior Director of Financial Services
  • Saint Mary's University

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“What Vena provides us is a platform that can give ultimate flexibility – with limited IT support. I have full control over the environment, and there hasn’t been functionality that I haven’t been able to deploy.”

Rob Pastega
Senior Manager, Demand & Supply Planning
  • Nutanix

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