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LSA Solutions

LSA Solutions is a services-focused solution provider, specialising in Financial Performance Management software, comprising:

  • Planning & Consolidation
  • Scorecards & Dashboards
  • Compliance and Published Reports
  • Business Intelligence Solutions

LSA have been leading exponents of FPM solutions for business, ranging from start-ups and mid-sized organisations, to worldwide enterprises. Having been a single vendor VAR and IBM Systems Integrator Partner since early 2000, it was mid-2011 when LSA Solutions, Your Financial Performance Management Experts, expanded to become multi-vendor, value-added resellers, and accredited Partners to the leading suppliers of Financial and Business Performance Management applications and Business Intelligence tools.

We embody a group of professionals with a deep understanding and knowledge of how to deliver value to business organisations through the use of financial budgeting, consolidation, planning, analysis and reporting software, in order to streamline these processes and make critical information available to the Office of Finance and organisational departments when it is most needed, and in a way which compliments the operations.

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