A Modern Approach to Revenue Planning

Make decisions based on data—not gut feelings.

The role of a finance leader used to be about tracking and analyzing numbers. Now, you play a larger role in your organization’s strategy. The CEO relies on your insights to seize opportunities while minimizing risks.

To keep growing your organization, you must modernize your revenue planning to present numbers in context with data from other areas. Vena’s integrated approach to revenue planning gives you a richer story that helps you make profitable decisions.


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Drive smarter, faster, and more strategic revenue planning.

To create successful plans, you can’t rely on old data or “gut feelings.” Vena breaks down the planning silos across the organization and combines your latest operational and financial data so you can:

  • Get high-level revenue projections—along with the ability to drill down to the transaction or cell level from any supporting system.
  • Run a profitability analysis based on constantly changing assumptions and market conditions.
  • Find correlations between financial and other data—such as sales and marketing—to uncover the story behind the numbers.

Use Microsoft Excel to accurately predict your revenue.

Vena connects Microsoft Excel with a central repository containing data from your GL, ERP, CRM, Salesforce, and other revenue-related systems. From within Excel, revenue-generating departments can pull in projected or real numbers and spread them across the year using any pattern (e.g. previous year, key drivers, or forecasts). Then, you can easily adjust complex revenue modeling as your sales, customer care, and marketing resources fluctuate.

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Monitor your company’s performance in real time.

Vena makes it easy to spot variances between your forecasted and actual results so you can adjust your revenue plans. With Vena, you can:  

  • See where you need to change your resource allocations when demands shift throughout the year.  
  • Conduct variance and profitability analyses to see how your current strategies will impact future business growth.  
  • Analyze scenario plans and what-if models so that you can quickly pivot when conditions change.

“What Vena provides us is a platform that can give ultimate flexibility – with limited IT support. I have full control over the environment, and there hasn’t been functionality that I haven’t been able to deploy.”

Rob Pastega
Senior Manager, Demand & Supply Planning
  • Nutanix

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“Senior executives are looking to make decisions faster, based on quantitative data. With Vena, we get the information that we need faster… Confusion and potential errors have been eliminated.”

Sarah Spicer
Product Manager
  • AvalonBay

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Why Vena?

Help your organization plan for anything

Align your resource allocation with your revenue projections, seasonal fluctuations, and changing business goals.

Keep pace with exponential growth

Automating manual processes frees you from mundane tasks so that you can focus on business growth.

Make strategic decisions—fast

Timely, accurate data helps you quickly respond to new competitive threats and economic changes.