Technology Platform

Vena transforms Excel into the enterprise budgeting, planning, and forecasting solution you need.

Vena’s technology platform provides organizations with features that scale with your business.

Beyond budgeting, planning and revenue forecasting, Vena can automate any spreadsheet driven process from regulatory reporting and month-end close to product line profitability and management reporting. Every day Vena client’s find new and innovative ways to save time and make better business decisions with the solution.

Centralized Database

Centralized Database

Integrate with your source systems and user inputs for an accurate and always up-to-date version of the truth.



Design workflows with our drag and drop designer to automate tasks, track progress, and shorten cycle times.

Governance & Control

Governance & Control

Use version control, audit trails, and user permissions to maintain data integrity across your organization.



Easily create powerful and stunning reports and give your team access to the ones they need through a single interface.

Modeling & Analytics

Modeling & Analytics

Get ahead of the market and change the trajectory of your business with predictive analytics and what-if modeling.

Power of Excel

Power of Excel

Enjoy the familiarity, flexibility, and power of Excel without its limitations. Choose Vena, and you don’t need to switch.

Collaboration made easy.


Administrative control & enterprise grade security.

The Vena platform provides robust version control functionality and eliminates the need to search through shared drives for up-to-date information, tracking user activity in an easy-to-read audit log. Roll back to previous spreadsheet versions with ease to view and analyze changes over time. To dig deeper into the reasons behind reported numbers, simply drill down into the source to view supporting details.

Vena allows you to easily incorporate business rules and controls whereby all employees have aligned objectives and segregated responsibilities. You manage what users can see or modify, from reports to individual spreadsheet cells.

Vena’s security model incorporates single sign-on and makes secure access to data easy, while SSAE 16, EU-US ensures your data is always engulfed in airtight safety.

Vena Technology Stack

Dashboard Analytics

Turning data into actionable information

Web Templates

Easily connect to detailed data you need

Cloud Integration

Easily and quickly manage internal and external data

Word/PPT Integration

Automate end-to-end financial & management reporting

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