All the benefits of Excel in a controlled, secure environment

Vena is a powerful corporate performance management software solution that integrates with native Microsoft Excel over the web.

The solution augments native Excel with a superior in-memory database, unparalleled security features, a flexible workflow engine and robust audit trail capability.

“Excel is the tool of choice for financial professionals, and we believe the best CPM solutions complement, rather than replace, Excel.”

– Larry Stell, Director of Business Development, Applied Analytix


A simple, yet powerful, underlying platform

Vena’s scalable platform automates your financial, accounting and business processes within a single, unified solution that your entire enterprise can use.

You benefit from significant time savings, reduced risk of error and greater productivity throughout your organization.

You also reduce the number of point solutions and disjointed processes you need to complete a single task, which limits, and sometimes eliminates, the need for training and application maintenance.


Anytime, anywhere mobile capability

Vena supports mobile access, conveniently allowing you to assign tasks, review workflows, view alerts and monitor status updates on the go. Stay connected and on top of your workload – no matter where you or your team are.


In-memory, multi-dimensional database

Vena features an in-memory database technology that combines a powerful, multi-dimensional database with a relational database.

The overall design is very flexible and can address the data processing needs of all your finance, accounting and business processes.

Your entire team benefits from:

  • Multi-dimensional planning and reporting
  • In-memory computing
  • The ability to drill through to transactions

Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel

Users can import their Excel templates and reports into the controlled Vena application to accelerate implementation.

From there, Vena leverages a comprehensive template builder to map your data to a central database – effectively making Excel a window into your most up-to-date data, reports and templates.

Your entire team benefits from:

  • Excel mapping technology
  • Extended Excel functionality
  • Role-based data security

Intuitive, graphical process management

Vena’s powerful process management technology features a “drag-and-drop” process designer that is fully owned by the business user.

To create repeatable finance, accounting or operational processes, simply add your input steps, review steps and reporting steps to the process flow and connect the arrows to define the order of operations, dependencies and completion rules.

You can also assign Excel templates, associated users and other attributes, such as instructions, due dates and supporting documentation, to each step.


Cloud deployment

The Vena Cloud platform fully leverages the power of cloud computing to deliver the most scalable enterprise-class CPM solution available today.

Your entire team benefits from:

  • Optimal user experience
  • More manageable and stable costs
  • Security and reliability
  • Seamless integration with any data source (GL, ERP, etc.)