Business budgeting software that lets you keep what you love

Vena serves up native Microsoft Excel over the web, unlike other corporate performance management solutions that make you rebuild your existing budgeting spreadsheets, assumptions, drivers and models in an “Excel-like” proprietary interface. Vena inventories, renovates and optimizes your existing Excel budgeting and planning spreadsheets, workbooks and models to reduce deployment costs and ensure the highest rate of user adoption.

Collaboration made easy

Vena's award-winning solution simplifies collaboration so that your entire organization is on the same page. With Vena, you can automate your manual processes by creating and assigning tasks with a sophisticated workflow engine that also allows you to monitor user activity in real time. Get everyone on the same page without sending a single email.

Seamless system integration

Like enterprise-class corporate performance management systems, Vena centrally stores all your data in a single, secure location. Vena goes a step further by seamlessly integrating with all your existing General Ledger (GL) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, meaning your entire organization is always working with a "single version of the truth.” Vena can develop customized ETL (extract, transform, load) connectors for any source system or – through our partnership with Dell Boomi – integrate with Boomi’s growing network of more than 200 enterprise applications in a matter of minutes. Also, your spreadsheets are automatically pre-populated with up-to-date information from your source systems, precluding the need for you and your team to search through multiple versions of templates or shared drives for current data, eliminating the possibility of copy and paste errors.
“Vena has a unique design compared to other vendors, and therein lies the power of the application.”
- Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners

See the whole picture with powerful reporting functionality

Create presentation-quality reports with Vena's Report Builder – no programming experience is required to manage this intuitive tool. Vena leverages native Excel's powerful formatting, charting and Business Intelligence (BI) functionality to give you full insight into the figures that comprise your reports.

Audit, simplified

Eliminate manual version control and the need to search through shared drives for up-to-date information by tracking user activity in an easy-to-read audit log. Roll back to previous budgeting and planning spreadsheet versions with ease to view and analyze changes over time. To dig deeper into the reasons behind reported numbers, simply drill down into the source to view supporting details.

Plan and measure the "what-if?"

Easily set targets and constraints, then measure against them. What-if analyses, adjustments and changes are easy and seamless with Vena. Excel Pivot Tables and Charts help you navigate financial data models with ease and design reports at a moment’s notice.