Financial forecasting with insight

Vena takes the tedious, manual work out of financial forecasting with a native, in-memory computing (IMC) database.

This technology allows you to quickly compare data sets across any slice of the business and plot trends across time periods. The result? You will understand patterns and exceptions better and begin to make more informed decisions. Use Vena to compare actuals to budgets and forecasts to see variances by account and entity.

Also, because Vena leverages Excel, you can easily view traffic light results, highlight top X values and use conditional formatting to bring your data to life.

Visualize your results and track your performance

Graphically display all your key performance indicators (KPIs) to perform more informed financial forecasting. Vena immediately retrieves historicals from your source systems and allows you to imagine future results.

To dig deeper into the reasons behind the KPIs, click a single button to drill down into details or transactions.

Powerful modeling supports critical decision-making

Vena makes financial forecasting easier by allowing you to copy your financial and operational data into a playground environment where you can perform top-down or bottom-up modeling of your organization's performance.

You can then adjust financial and non-financial parameters and immediately see the impact of these changes on financial results.

Drill through reported figures to trace the story back

Start with a high-level report or dashboard and quickly drill into underlying details to understand the story behind the numbers.

View transactions or user input templates to understand the model behind a planned number. Since all comments are stored in the database, you can quickly see the reasons behind variances and exceptions.

Slice-and-dice = self-serve reporting

Vena leverages Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to help you and your team navigate financial data models with ease and design accurate, timely reports.

Use Vena to slice-and-dice your data, visualize results, quickly identify exceptions and produce easy to read reports that you can immediately share with your management team.