Financial reporting & analysis made easy: why rebuild when you can inventory?

Vena is the only solution that does not make you rebuild the templates and models you are using today in order to perform in-depth financial reporting and analysis.

Vena automatically inventories and renovates your existing Excel templates and reports, saving your entire organization the tedious, error-prone work of recreating templates, formulas and models in a net-new environment. Once Vena has renovated your existing assets, just refresh them as needed to get the most up to date values.

Quickly produce polished reports

Vena further simplifies financial reporting and analysis by leveraging the advanced formatting features of Excel.

You have the power to design the look and feel of financial and management reports using a familiar application with convenient and user-friendly features, such as conditional formatting, auto-fill, charts and graphs.

Tight security gives you peace of mind

Vena’s role-based user security lets you rest assured that only those with permission to access to a particular business unit can access and print their assigned reports.

Also, while everyone can share a single report, individual users can only view and modify the data assigned to them.

Report building in Vena = report building in Excel

If you know how to use Excel, you know how to use Vena. The solution enhances the efficiency of financial reporting and analysis across your organization because it doesn't take users out of a familiar environment.

Other solutions have "Excel-like" proprietary interfaces that users can take months to learn, whereas Vena leverages the powerful and familiar features of native Excel, including conditional formatting, formulas, Pivot Tables and Charts. As a result, you and your team can be up and running with minimal down-time.

“[Vena] really allowed us to introduce a controlled method and to use people’s time more efficiently. People are focusing on where there is risk and where there are issues – which I think is of huge importance.”

- Caroline Rubin, Controller, First Wind

Dynamic reporting is easy with Vena's Report Builder

Vena supports the creation of dynamic reports. Simply design reports according to your desired look and feel with native Excel before leveraging Vena's Report Building Wizard, which will automatically connect your reports to the central database.

You can also eliminate duplicate tasks and processes by building a single report in Vena that can service your entire organization.

Choose the reporting format that works for you

Vena is flexible enough to let you export your reports in a variety of formats. Email and share your reports in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or Word – the choice is yours.