A simple, beloved tool for a high value, complex process

A9Rubydsj_1ccy9wr_7wsRevenue planning is one of the most complex, forward looking and analytical financial functions. It’s also among the most:

  • Persistently reliant on standalone Excel spreadsheets;
  • Important enablers to Finance being a true strategic business partner;
  • Isolated from budgeting and forecasting functions, and other operational departments.

Better revenue planning means better business planning

Vena combines the popularity and analytical power of Excel with with enterprise-grade control, security and scalability features not found in the standalone desktop application, including:

  • A central data repository, integrated with GL and ERP systems, for a single, trusted version of the truth;
  • Workflow, business rules and a detailed audit trail for more trusted, collaborative numbers and processes, including the ability to restore previous versions;
  • Both high level summaries of revenue projections and the ability to drill down to the transaction, driver or cell-level;
  • A central database and integration with different source systems that helps eliminate the silos that typically exist between budgeting, forecasting and planning within Finance.

Smarter, faster and better decision making

Better business planning means smarter planning across revenues, expenses and

timeliness. Vena’s revenue management solution addresses such essential ingredients through

features such as:

  • Drill down capabilities to examine underlying drivers and assumptions;
  • Integration with budgeting and forecasting technologies and processes;
  • What-If analysis, rolling forecasts and scenario-based planning;
  • Ongoing comparisons of forecast and planning figures with real-time actuals;
  • Profitability analysis based on constantly changing assumptions and market conditions.

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