Streamline every aspect of business & operations planning

Reduce the pain of uncontrolled spreadsheets across your entire organization.

Vena is the only corporate performance management solution that allows you to extend the benefits of automation, a single data source and productivity gains to any area of your organization.

The best part? While Vena eliminates the pain of an uncontrolled spreadsheet environment, it keeps your team working in native Excel – so they are happy and productive from day one.


Sales & Demand Planning

Sales planning is one of the most important organizational functions. If you don’t plan and forecast effectively, you can hinder your organization’s success. Make your sales planning and forecasting more structured, accurate and controlled so you can focus on what’s most important – serving your customers.

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Operations & Personnel Planning

Operations and personnel planning is at the core of every organization. Traditional solutions that aim to improve these processes are costly, can take months (or years) to implement and require extensive training and IT support. Vena stacks up against any of the large vendor products, but takes a fraction of the time and resources to implement.

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Business Process Management

Business process management can be highly complex, but Vena makes it easy. The solution’s intuitive, graphical process manager will organize all your workflow requirements.

Since Vena allows you and your team to stay in Excel – a familiar environment that you are probably already using – you’ll experience virtually no down-time between product installation and the time you and your team begin reaping the benefits of high productivity and more efficient processes.

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Project Planning

Vena enables you to integrate all the components of your project to efficiently produce baseline budgets and accurate forecasts, perform advanced analytics and distribute high quality status reports.

The best part? Vena keeps you and your team in native Excel, which means you don’t have to add change management and training to your implementation plan.

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Legal & Professional Services

Vena helps your law firm streamline practice-related processes, including Finance and Accounting, Client Management, Business Development, Human Resources and Operations. Vena seamlessly integrates with your existing GL(s), ERPs and payroll systems to get your organization up and running smoothly.

Spend less time manually collecting and monitoring data and workflows, and more time making the insightful, meaningful decisions that drive your organization forward.

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Higher Education Solutions

The success of your students is your highest priority. Spend more time focused on their needs and less time on manual administrative work by leveraging Vena’s central data repository and dynamic templates.

Vena automates data collection and consolidation processes to help you get back to the work that matters – developing learning objectives, evolving your curriculum and helping your students meet their potential.

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Human Resource Solutions

Streamline spreadsheet- and data-intensive HR processes with Vena’s sophisticated workflow engine, intuitive report builder and automatically updated spreadsheets

Vena’s enterprise-class validation rules, templates and security settings eliminate the risks associated with the use of uncontrolled spreadsheets – without taking your organization out of native Excel. HR teams are up and running with minimal downtime and can devote the majority of their time to helping your organization reach its strategic goals.

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