Make the best use of your workforce

Vena takes the manual work out of the collection, validation and consolidation of Human Resource-related data and resources, significantly reducing the risk of error and freeing up valuable time for HR teams.

Vena’s cloud-based solution seamlessly and securely integrates with your company’s existing Human Resources Information System (HRIS), payroll systems, spreadsheets and other internal and third-party source systems.

Powerful ETL processes extract up-to-date data, metrics and resources from the above sources and automatically feed them into a secure, centrally managed repository on a daily basis.

As a result, you don't need to acquire multiple point solutions to accurately complete a process end-to-end. Vena is a single solution that leverages the tools you are already using to help you easily meet the requirements of any HR process.

Access trustworthy data with speed and ease

Vena keeps your organization in Excel but eliminates the need for you to distribute and collect uncontrolled spreadsheets from multiple departments through email.

Instead, HR teams can build a single Excel template that dynamically meets the needs of every department based on its unique user settings. Vena automatically consolidates data from received templates in the central repository, saving significant time.

Further, business rules prevent users from making unauthorized changes to lines of data, models and formulas, giving HR teams confidence that data is accurate.

Also, a visual process designer allows HR managers to create custom workflows and monitor the status of users in real time.

Vena makes it easy to collect and consolidate information related to:

  • Recruitment
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Time and attendance
  • Training and development
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Talent evaluation/management
  • Leadership development
  • Retirement/Succession Planning
  • Workforce planning for mergers, acquisitions and restructuring
  • Staff mortgages and relocations
  • Fleet management

Easily analyze and report on key metrics to help achieve organizational goals

Vena helps HR teams effortlessly analyze large volumes of employee data and create presentation-quality reports that can be shared across your organization.

Vena’s native, in-memory computing (IMC) database enables HR to effortlessly compare data sets across any area of the business and plot trends across time periods.

A playground environment allows HR to perform top-down or model-up modeling, while a slice-and-dice feature lets them analyze data from a variety of perspectives.

Drill through reports figures to uncover supporting details

With the click of a button, HR can uncover the story behind reported figures and perform more in-depth analyses. Vena enables users to embed textual commentary in Excel spreadsheets, putting submissions into context and providing the clarifying details that facilitate more thorough and informed analyses.

Visually track KPIs

HR can use Vena to visually display all key performance indicators (KPIs) to analyze data more easily. A single click will reveal the details and transactions underlying the KPIs to give HR a more in-depth understanding of numbers and trends.

Report building in Vena is report building in Excel

HR can bring your data to life by leveraging Excel’s native formatting features, such as formulas, conditional formatting, Pivot Tables and Charts. Reports can be emailed or shared in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or Word.