A better way to manage operations and personnel planning

Operations and personnel planning are at the heart of every organization. However, solutions that aim to make your operations more effective are often costly, can take months (even years) to implement and, more often than not, require extensive training.

Vena leverages your existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, templates and models while leveraging enterprise-class features to streamline your processes, facilitate collaboration and ensure the submission of accurate data.

Work at the speed of information

Vena dramatically improves operations and personnel planning by seamlessly aligning operational and financial objectives.

Vena integrates with your source systems in real time and pulls up-to-date data into a secure, centrally managed repository. As a result, reconciled information is always ready for use.

Business rules and role-based security ensure only authorized users can make changes to templates and entries.

Additionally, Vena's sophisticated workflow engine allows managers to assign tasks, due dates and instructions to specific users and monitor their progress in real time.

As a result, management can track entire operational processes across the organization and unify areas like inventory targets, sales and marketing efforts with financial and strategic goals.

Access to real-time data helps you make more informed decisions

Improved alignment between your organization's operational and financial objectives gives you access to the data and analyses you need to make informed decisions that add value to your organization.

Stay with what’s familiar: Excel

Vena keeps you and your team in the familiar Excel application and leverages your existing Excel spreadsheets, models and templates so you are up and running almost immediately.

One plan to manage your entire organization

Given Vena’s flexibility, you can manage your entire operations and personnel planning from one place. Every spreadsheet communicates with the same common data source, saving you significant time and energy and giving you full confidence in the numbers.

Reduce your reliance on IT

You have complete control over costs with a flexible and configurable alternative to custom-built systems. Achieve an overall lower cost of ownership with an end-to-end solution that is easy to deploy, integrate and maintain.