Business process management made easy

Vena immediately improves the efficiency of your organization’s financial and operational processes by leveraging your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, templates, models and formulas in a structured, secure and infinitely scalable environment. Coordinate user inputs, requests, approvals and reporting requirements across all the phases of the business process life cycle without leaving Excel  – a productivity tool that millions use every day.

Central database reduces email overload

Vena pulls data from your source systems and stores it in a secure, centrally managed repository that allows your entire organization to work with a "single version of the truth". Say goodbye to searching through your inbox for the most current data or documents.

Workflow tools keep you on track

Leverage an intuitive, easy to use process manager to manage all your business process management requirements. Divide a process into a series of repeatable steps and associate each with a specific user, set of instructions and due date. Monitor user activity in real-time. Custom user responsibilities and business rules can be assigned to each step of the process to ensure only valid information is accepted.

A familiar interface helps you create accurate reports

"Slice-and-dice" the data you gather to perform more in-depth analysis and create more insightful reports. Use Excel to input numbers and report on them.

How you benefit:

  • Effective collaboration enhances your organization's productivity
  • Process flow management keeps you and your team organized and productive
  • Business rules ensure the validity of your information
  • Reporting is simple and streamlined, yet robust