Make smarter, faster business decisions by understanding what drives your costs and profitability

Maximize Profits:
Understand your key profitability drivers

  • Find your most (and least) profitable customers, products, distribution channels and more
  • Drill down into customer profitability drivers including industry, size and support needs
  • Analyze product profitability by region, distribution channel and even individual SKUs
  • Discover new opportunities for profitability growth and optimization
  • Adjust cost and pricing strategies – e.g. value-based pricing, activity-based costing – to maximize your profitability


Maximize Operational Efficiencies: Realize better resource alignment

  • Improve operational efficiency and quality with detailed facility, distribution channel and product line benchmarking
  • Optimize and align your resource allocations effectively
  • Discover the operational drivers that impact your costs the most

Benchmarking-Income Statement

Minimize Costs: Make tough business decisions with accurate cost reports

  • Measure process costs to eliminate unprofitable SKUs, customer and facilities
  • Allocate shared services accurately to shed new light into their true costs
  • Understand the true cost of moving your product through different facilities and distribution channels