Improve your project planning by managing your project finances and life cycles from one place

Vena's project planning management software saves you considerable time and improves communication across your organization. The result? Your project plans and budgets are always on track.

Vena simplifies project planning by giving your organization access to project documentation, work breakdown structures, project status, financial data, variance reports, forecast projections, earned value graphs and other key project information.

All of this data is automatically retrieved from multiple source systems and uploaded to a central database.

As projects become more complex, Vena keeps you organized by integrating all project components in one place. As a result, you can efficiently produce baseline budgets, project accurate forecasts, perform advanced analytics and distribute scheduled status reports.

Project design & management

Vena's project planning software also lets you use Vena's flexible project setup templates to define information and structures required for the project life cycle, including work breakdown structures and project tasks/sub-tasks, time horizons, dependencies and ownership.

Vena integrates all components of a project to help you efficiently produce baseline budgets, project accurate forecasts, perform advanced analytics and distribute scheduled status reports.

Project budgeting

Centralize project budgets to efficiently allocate resources, manage costs and project revenues.

Project planning management is painless with Vena because the solution allows project managers to gather information quickly through free-form Microsoft Excel templates and see updates to workflows in real time.

Centrally managed burden/employee rates can be leveraged to automate resource cost calculations.

Resource allocation

Allocate resources to projects along with the number of hours required to calculate total resource costs and efforts.

Create labor utilization reports for an integrated view of all resources and projects to determine key metrics such as over/under utilization.

Project forecasting

Use multiple forecast scenarios to compare current forecasts to prior forecasts.

Load actual project data from source systems side-by-side with forecast numbers for a holistic view of your project plan, along with its health and performance with respect to the original baseline budget.

Change management

Vena's flexibility allows you to seamlessly incorporate changes in scope or direction during the project life cycle without disrupting the momentum of the project.

The ability to embed workflow allows any changes to be monitored and signed off to provide better visibility and overall accountability.

Project analysis & reporting

Using powerful project analysis reports and dashboards, you can quickly aggregate all the project data at a portfolio level so you can easily monitor progress against your KPIs.

Variance reports allow you to compare budget, actual, forecast and earned value data in a centralized view to perform detailed analysis across different projects.

Traffic lighting features highlight material variances and our drill-through capability enables you to investigate these variances by accessing supporting details.