Excel in your financial close, consolidation and reporting processes

Most companies already use Microsoft Excel to perform the functions vital to their financial close management processes. Despite the many advantages of Excel, spreadsheets on their own lack control, automation and cannot support collaboration or formal workflows.

Other automated solutions actually replace Excel, leaving your team without the environment they have become most accustomed to in the financial close management process.

With Vena, you continue to use what you love about Excel, without having to work around its gaps in functionality and automation. The solution leverages your existing templates and models - meaning implementation causes virtually no down-time.

Vena takes Microsoft Excel® a step further

Vena makes Excel’s already powerful functionality even more powerful adding what spreadsheets currently lack - a structured, controlled environment that gives you full confidence in your numbers, while still retaining the flexibility you need.

Finally, Vena's full collaboration, audit trail and data investigation features give you the insight you need to comfortably sign off final numbers and answer questions quickly.

With Vena, your accounting and finance departments will benefit from a controlled and auditable framework that ensures data integrity, efficiency and expediency for these key processes of financial close management: close, consolidate and report.

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  • Currency Translation
  • Eliminations
  • Automated Company and Top-Side Journals
  • Non-Controlling Interest
  • Roll-up of Entities and Custom Dimensions


  • Financial and Management Reporting
  • Financial Analysis and Dashboards
  • Regulatory Reporting and Disclosure Management

Leverage Vena's powerful workflow capabilities

Vena’s powerful workflow engine is used to easily design and manage each step in the financial close process. Every process is graphically represented and tracked by management.

Emails are automatically sent to key stakeholders in the close process reminding them of their next tasks.

In fact, built into this interface is the ability for managers to approve or reject the results of key tasks, which also generate automatic notifications to responsible personnel.

Financial Close Management - Powerful Workflow Capabilities
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  Vena’s features include a “very powerful workflow capability and a beautiful process designer, detailed audit trails, and version comparisons.”
- Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners