Utilize the power of Excel to build powerful, dynamic reports and dashboards

Create dynamic reports for management, investors and government agencies with ease leveraging a powerful database engine while still utilizing the tool that accounting and finance departments use worldwide on a daily basis – Microsoft Excel.

  • Financial Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Analysis & Dashboards
  • Regulatory Reporting & Disclosure Management

Make your reports come alive

Vena combines the power of an in-memory database with the visualization and BI strengths Excel. With Vena, you can create a new generation of reports that allow your information to come alive.

  • With all of your data stored in a centralized database, you can still use all of Excel’s powerful functionality, including:
    • Engaging charts and graphs
    • Conditional formatting
    • Data bars
    • Color scales
    • Icon Sets
    • Top/bottom rules
    • Sparklines
    • Pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Create financial, management and statutory reports, financial analysis reports and even sophisticated dashboards for your team.
  • Create flux analysis reports to highlight variances between key data versions (actual vs. budget, current vs. prior period, etc.)
  • Create a single report format for all of your business units that can drill into your data, revealing what is happening behind the numbers. Your reports become truly dynamic and usable in a way you never imagined.
  • View an even greater level detail by drilling through to your transaction-level detail with a single mouse click. For example, not only are you able to see sales by individual customers, but you can drill through to the individual invoices that make up those sales.

Centralize your entire reporting function

Many companies use Microsoft Excel for their financial and management reports. While Excel is a powerful tool on its own, the data itself resides in the spreadsheet files themselves and cannot be surfaced easily by other users.

Report templates become disparate, with each business unit making their own modifications to the layout of each report that may not be consistent across your organization.

With Vena, you get the best of both worlds. Microsoft Excel is still the tool you use, but each report template can be stored in a central repository that only authorized users have access to. Furthermore, your data is stored in a centralized database accessible by members across your organization.

Thus, the data and the corresponding report templates remain consistent – a single version of the truth across your enterprise.

Create dynamic variance reports with commentary

One of the challenges of reporting variances between different data scenarios, such as actual vs. budget data, is to document the reasons behind the variances and store the comments in a location that is accessible to all key stakeholders.

Using spreadsheets alone allow for the documentation, but the comments are still stored within the spreadsheet. In addition, there is no method of monitoring the commentary, assuring that each field is filled out with a valid explanation for these variances.

With Vena, your reports become collaborative vehicles for commentary:

  • Notes and comments that are relevant to your data can also be stored in this database.
  • Users have the ability to enter comments in their variance reports and save them to the database, allowing for managers to review the comments instantly.
  • Comments can also be subject to a review process where managers have the ability to approve or reject them.