Take the pain out of disclosure management

Vena uniquely combines the flexibility of Microsoft Excel with the features of an enterprise-class system.

Vena's central database provides your organization with a "single version of the truth" from which to work, while a sophisticated workflow engine allows you to assign tasks, instructions and due dates to specific users, precluding the need for inefficient email exchanges.

Business rules protect your data, while a full audit trail gives you insight into user activity and confidence in reported numbers. With Vena, your organization will benefit from a controlled and auditable framework that ensures compliance and data integrity for these and other highly visible disclosure management processes:

“The workflow management and productivity gains [of Vena] have been fantastic for us. Now, we have a central database with timestamps and date stamped approvals. The auditability of the environment has been key for us for meeting regulatory requirements.”
- Vena Customer

The best of both worlds - no compromises

Vena is an award-winning, web-based solution that enhances the efficiency of disclosure management by letting regulatory groups leverage their spreadsheet environment while automating the collection, validation, approval and aggregation of regulatory data.

Leverage your existing investments in Excel - including spreadsheets, models, formulas and templates - to get your team up and running in a matter of weeks, not months.

Avoid the costs and manual work associated with acquiring multiple point solutions or rebuilding your assets in the limited "Excel-like" proprietary interface that other CPM applications offer.