Take the stress out of stress testing

Vena can help your company efficiently collect and analyze the data needed for DFAST and company-run stress tests.

Vena simplifies DFAST reporting by complementing your existing investments in Excel with a central database, powerful workflow engine and role-based security.

With Vena, you can be completely confident in reported numbers without manually checking and re-checking results. You also keep working in Excel, which means you and your team stay productive.

Most companies use spreadsheets to collect and consolidate data – does yours?

Today, most companies collect DFAST-related data from many individuals and departments through dozens, if not hundreds, of uncontrolled spreadsheets, before manually aggregating them in locked-down drives or a series of bulky, multi-tab workbooks.

Unfortunately, the more Excel workbooks grow, the more fragile they become – potentially causing links and formulas to break.

Companies also struggle to make qualitative adjustments or compare historic data and forecast scenarios with macroeconomic factors using Excel.

In order to do so, a small team of must manually copy and paste relevant data into a separate workbook for comparison and analysis, taking even more time away from their core roles and responsibilities.

Manual processes lack transparency

If your company primarily uses manual processes to collect and aggregate data, you have very little insight into whether tasks and being completely correctly and according to schedule - without emailing your team for status updates.

While emails are convenient, they are not the most efficient means of communication – especially considering the sheer amount of data your must exchange as your company prepares DFAST submissions.

How Vena helps

Save time and reduce risk by automating previously manual processes

Vena takes the stress and time-consuming manual work out of stress testing. The solution seamlessly syncs with your existing reporting systems and Excel templates, assumptions, drivers, model and formulas, and connects them to a database for secure storage.

Up-to-date information automatically flows into the database and pre-populates relevant templates, saving you hours of work and the risk of manual error.

The database automatically consolidates data – say goodbye to linking spreadsheets or running complicated macros and stores multiple scenarios, versions and Call Report data for effortless comparison and analysis.

Gain more control than ever before

Keep on top of processes with a graphical workflow engine. Divide complex processes into a serious of repeatable steps to which you can assign users, instructions, supporting documentation and due date(s). You will be automatically notified via email when a template is available for review.

Business rules protect your data by preventing your team from changing data or formulas unless specified criteria have been met.

Capture and store changes for review and approval

A full audit trail record user activity (who did what, when) in an easy to read log for full process transparency.

Use the audit trail to capture qualitative adjustments so you can instantly differentiate them from model-driven entries.

Keep using what you love about Excel

Because Vena leverages native Excel, there’s no need for you or your team to spend time or effort rebuilding your calculations and modeling logic in a net-new environment.

The result? Almost no down-time. You start to benefit right from the start.