Footnote disclosure management, simplified

Vena fully automates the collection and aggregation of your footnote data. The solution seamlessly integrates with external reporting applications making the end-to-end process of gathering, validating, auditing, approving and consolidating footnote data for your 10K & 10Q documents more efficient.  

Increase visibility of your end-to-end processes

Vena improves visibility in a collaborative environment. You can easily design a task-based process flow to streamline and control the collection, validation and approval of data. Vena provides complete visibility into workflow status, user activity, spreadsheet results and progress to completion.  

Improve report turnaround time without compromising accuracy

Reduce input efforts and the need for revisions by automating existing manual processes that are repeated each period. With Vena, all data is consolidated in real-time, while compliance checklists and sign-offs help ensure accuracy.  

Reduce risk of non-compliance

Leverage a comprehensive set of internal controls that enable you to define rules and automatically validate data. Vena's high level of control increases security, accountability and data integrity across your organization.

The result? You'll drastically reduce the risk of errors appearing in your templates while saving time.