Redwood Credit Union Case Study


Read on to discover how this successful American credit union has been using Vena for it’s budgeting & reporting processes.

Redwood Credit Union (RCU) is a full-service financial cooperative, assisting consumers and small business owners with achieving their financial goals since 1950. They have 17 branches serving clients in California’s North Bay and San Francisco area.


Redwood provides a wide variety of financial products and services to over 230,000 individual members. They are in the top 1% of Credit Unions by size.

As their business needs became more sophisticated they began the search to find a budgeting & reporting tool, with secondary goals of  project planning and process management.  The company immediately saw the value Vena provided in a unified platform approach that would grow with them and address multiple areas  of need. This while allowing their team to keep the comforts of the Excel environment they were already accustomed to.

Redwood has been able to realize a drastic change in efficiency since adopting Vena, and this has allowed leaders to have more time to make better decisions.

Why Vena?

  • Wanted to Stay in Excel
  • Saw additional use in the process management and project management capabilities
  • Ease of use/high user adoption
  • Quick implementation and response time
  • Experience with other financial institutions like themselves

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