Zero Missed Deadlines. Dramatically Reduced Risk.

Imagine meeting all of your regulatory deadlines—with days to spare.

Now, think about your current processes. If you rely on Microsoft Excel for your regulatory reporting, you likely search hundreds—or even thousands—of spreadsheets for the data that regulators need. Combing through all of these files can slow you down and cause you to miss deadlines. 

Vena makes compliance easier, no matter how quickly you must get your reports in order. With Vena, you can access all of your regulatory data within Microsoft Excel—making it easy to track processes, run reports, and adhere to changing regulations. Never miss a GAAP, IFRS, SEC, DFAST, SOX or CCAR regulatory deadline again.


Eliminate version control issues and always work with the latest numbers.

With Vena, you no longer need to copy and paste data from separate files or chase people down for numbers. Vena consolidates your financial, HR, and operational data into one central repository. This makes it easy to find and validate the data that is relevant to each regulation.

If someone in your company edits their numbers, you’ll see the real-time updates in Excel and can create error-free reports in just a few clicks. You can also use Excel’s built-in audit trail to track changes on a cell-by-cell basis—eliminating your need to search for, and roll back, errors manually.

Optimizing Microsoft Excel

You rely on Microsoft Excel for your budgets, forecasts, and financial reporting. While Excel is a powerful tool, it has limitations.


Embracing Microsoft Excel

If you know Excel, you know Vena. Unlike solutions that “rip and replace” Microsoft Excel, Vena uses your existing spreadsheets, formulas, and models.


Use the tools you already own to accelerate your reporting and quickly respond to regulatory changes.

Here’s how combining Vena with Excel saves time and simplifies reporting:

  • Use your existing, custom-built report templates and formulas.
  • Automatically extract data from your source system and arrange it into the proper reporting format (without leaving Excel).
  • Assign tasks to users and send them follow-up notifications.
  • Receive alerts when a deadline is approaching or has passed.
  • Quickly add supporting documents to your reports to give stakeholders and regulators added context.

CCAR Template Vena Solutions Demo

Keep your financial data secure.

Prevent unauthorized users from viewing, editing, and sharing data. Vena’s customized roles and permissions give you the power to enforce strict controls for both individuals and groups.

You can also grant reviewers and auditors oversight capabilities, making collaboration easy and reducing time-consuming back-and-forth.

“Vena had everything—analytics, month-end close, reporting and more—in one solution, and that was mind-blowing to me. Having it all integrated—that was my “a-ha” moment.”

Ben McNabb
  • Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

“Vena helps us with our SOX controls by showing proof that the schedules have been reviewed.”

Michelle Canada
Sec Reporting Manager
  • Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc.

Why Vena?

Stay in compliance with regulations

With Vena, your organization will be able to quickly and easily adapt to any regulatory changes.

Gain 100% confidence in your numbers

Automated reporting eliminates human error and out-of-date calculations, giving you reliable numbers that you and your auditors can trust.

No more hefty fines and penalties

File on time and avoid the embarrassment and fines that come with errors and late submissions.