Regulatory Reporting & Compliance

Report more quickly, more accurately and with more control than ever – without switching from Excel.

Zero missed deadlines. Dramatically reduced risk.

Eliminate version control issues across your entire organization.

Eliminate version control issues across your entire organization.

Vena consolidates all of your data and spreadsheets into one central, secure, cloud-based database in real time.

Linked files and macros will be a thing of the past— as will dreaded keying errors.

Your data updates automatically from one source, ensuring teams always have access to the latest data, even if you use hundreds of spreadsheets.

Accelerate reporting, automate tasks and track progress with total visibility.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop process designer, you can bring structure to your process, stay organized and adapt to changes in regulation in a fraction of the time.

You can assign tasks to users, automate validation checks and follow-up activities, and include supporting documents for added context.

An interactive dashboard shows you the real-time status of every part of the process, and automated emails alert you before a deadline is missed.

Vena - Regulatory Reporting and Compliance excel dashboard
Protect sensitive data with custom rules, roles and permissions.
Protect sensitive data with custom rules, roles and permissions.

Use the spreadsheets you already have and the tool employees already know.

Why start over from scratch or grind work to a halt to switch to a platform your staff might not adopt?

Vena unlocks the functionality you wish Excel had, without forcing your team to adapt to a new reporting environment.

Your team will need so little training, you can fully implement Vena by your next reporting period!

Purpose-built to help scale, control and simplify regulatory reporting

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