CCAR Reporting

Manage the complexities of CCAR reporting.

Vena automates the burdensome, time-consuming manual processes involved in aggregating and reporting on information for the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review CCAR stress test. We do this by complementing your existing source systems and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, templates and models with a centrally managed workflow engine, central database and XML engine, role-based security and full audit trail.

Vena also provides a concise set of existing Excel templates and reports that can be leveraged to adopt best-practices and accelerate your time to value. As a result, you continue to work in a familiar environment while gaining more insight into and control over CCAR data collection, data aggregation and XML filing processes.

Data gathering and approvals

Vena standardizes data collection templates, and offers full flexibility to configure templates as required. Vena can capture overlays and adjustments at multiple levels and, using a fully configurable data model, store and capture data at 14A line item level, i.e. MDRM, and more.

Vena can be configured to support data collection at a level more granular than 14A and supports the collection of data at alternate (business/management) views of data. You can transplant/map that data to the 14A line items.

Conveniently, data can be collected once and shared across any number of models, as required.

To manage this very collaborative and mission-critical process, Vena provides a sophisticated process designer that allows managers to drag-and-drop the user workflow process including input steps, review steps, alerts and report access.

The entire process is documented, audit-able and repeatable for all CCAR submissions. When the process is live, managers have complete visibility to each submission status to ensure completion and timely submissions.


Data validation and audit

All changes are tracked in the system including data changes and workflow changes (user, date/time stamped) and can be audited at any time. There is a full cell-by-cell audit comparison of data changes and their impact from one save to another on any template.

This includes full audit details of process status, including submissions, approvals and rejections. There are also in-template validation rules to ensure proper and accurate data collected from end-users. Additionally, Vena fully supports user comments and file attachments on any workflow submissions.

XML creation

Vena fully supports the XML file creation for FR Y-14A submission. Out of the box, all XML elements of the schema are mapped to individual values within the Vena database which has been outfitted with the necessary MDRM codes.

Approved data is automatically populated into the XML report using Vena’s intuitive report building wizard, and can be fully audited for any changes or modifications.
Vena also provides the ability to automate all required CCAR edit and validation checks to ensure accurate reconciliation of figures and amounts prior to submission.

Leverage Excel and your existing enterprise solutions

Vena recognizes that spreadsheets are not going away any time soon, which is why our solution leverages native Excel – the ultimate canvas for input and analysis. We take Excel functionality a few steps further, however, by augmenting it with the structure, database and security of an enterprise-class solution.

Vena seamlessly integrates with any source system with powerful data integration processes that extract information from your source systems and stores it in a central, secure data repository.

The result? You and your team can access information without searching through your inbox or a shared drive. Also, historical data and previous template iterations are always available for instant, easy version comparison and trend analysis.


Effective collaboration = less risk

Collaborating through email is time-consuming and the lack of version control can lead to errors. Avoid these risks with Vena’s collaborative workflow engine. You can divide processes into a series of repeatable steps, each of which can be associated with a user, due date(s) and instructions.

You also have the option of adding supporting documentation and commentary to put submissions in context and can leverage the workflow engine to monitor tasks through to completion for maximum insight into capital planning.

Other Vena features include a full audit trail that records user activity (who did what, when) in an easy- to-read log, in addition to role-based security and validation rules that reduce risk and save you countless hours of tedious manual work.

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