Utilize Your Financial Data to Make Every Part of Your Business More Successful

As a CFO, you’re the real hero behind your company’s growth.

In recent years, the CFO’s role has evolved from overseeing a company’s finances to driving transformation across the business. Vena helps you succeed in your expanded role by giving you insights into every area of your company—not just Finance. 

From within Microsoft Excel, you can view data from previously disparate sources, such as your CRM, GL, and marketing automation tools. Armed with this data, you can advise other leaders on how to deliver predictable revenue and maximize growth.

Asure Software Has “Ah-Ha!” Moment With Vena Platform

Get the inside scoop on why platforms are always the better investment, and how Asure Software was finally able to connect Salesforce, Netsuite, HRIS data and more to create a single source of real-time data that drives the entire business forward.

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Strategic Dashboard Vena Solutions Demo

Automate the flow of data and eliminate the bottlenecks in your decision-making processes.

Business decisions aren’t made in silos. They’re a collaboration between departments and insights from both financial and non-financial data.

That’s why Vena stores real-time data from your finance, sales, marketing, and other systems in a central database. With all of your company’s data in one spot, you won’t need to dig through multiple systems when you want to predict your revenue. The information will automatically flow to you—giving you the insights you need exactly when you need them.

Keep the revenue performance management engine humming

Vena helps you work more effectively with other departments so you can break down planning silos and work towards the same revenue goals. With Vena’s workflows, you can keep everyone informed. Here’s how:

  • Automatically notify stakeholders when they need to contribute.
  • Send alerts when a task is pending, due, or overdue.
  • View user logs to spot bottlenecks and take action to correct them.
  • Eliminate the need to chase down people with emails and phone calls when they haven’t contributed on time.
  • Receive notifications when your revenue targets and key revenue drivers are on or off target.

RPM Workflow Vena Solutions Demo

RPM Dashboard Vena Solutions Demo

Confidently execute on company-wide revenue goals.

Revenue performance management requires you to collect and analyze vast amounts of data. Vena puts all of this data at your fingertips so that leaders can analyze customer behaviour to determine how it impacts your revenue.  

Use your existing Excel formulas and templates, leaders can quickly run high-level reports or deep dive into the most important indicators of your business growth, including cash flow, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Vena Product Demo

Watch this 30-minute product demo and discover how Vena can change the financial trajectory of your organization.