Sales Performance Management

Grow your business by understanding and investing in the resources that drive your revenues and profitability.

Grow your business right. By analyzing data from finance, sales, marketing and customer care, understand and allocate resources with the best impact on your revenues and profitability.

For SaaS and other subscription-based businesses, Vena aligns data and resources from across your organization to deliver predictable revenues and maximum growth. Combining insights from previously disparate data sources – including your CRM, ERP and GL systems – Vena gives you clarity on the best ways to grow your business.

Finance: Love making every decision

Vena helps finance teams lead more data-driven strategic planning and deliver more accurate, predictive and prescriptive revenue forecasts.

By drawing on real-time data from sales, marketing, customer care and finance, Vena provides both a top level and deep dive into the most important indicators of your business growth, including cash flow, customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (CLV).

With Vena, CFOs can be more agile and data-driven in the financial guidance they provide to departments across their organizations. In turn they can work more effectively with other department leaders to turn organization-wide revenue goals into detailed departmental objectives.

Marketing: Maximize the impact of every dollar

Accurately predict how every marketing spend will influence your overall revenue. Integrating data from your marketing automation, web analytics, CRM and other systems, Vena provides you with real-time insights on conversion rates and profitability for every campaign, channel, tactic or message.

Marketing teams are now able to connect the dots with a holistic view of the customer acquisition, lead generation and revenue influence of every marketing investment.

As internal budgets change and external markets fluctuate, Vena gives marketing teams all the insights they need for better, smarter strategic planning and resource allocation.

Automate forecasting tasks and the routing of data and reports.

Customer Care: The right customers for life

Dive into analytics from customer success, sales, marketing and finance to identify your most – and least – profitable customers, and capture the full story behind each one.

Vena combines disparate customer data such as NPS scores, product usage metrics, customer acquisition and support costs in a single solution. With Vena you can quickly unearth customers at risk of churn, the best candidates for up-sell opportunities, even the ones you should let go at the end of their contract.

Bring all your customer metrics together to improve customer satisfaction, focus on the right customers, and increase customer lifetime value.

Modeling & Analytics

Increase accountability and accuracy

Assign tasks, status alerts and reminders.
Fix mistakes before they happen. Drill down into numbers to see the original source of all your data.

Power of Excel

Don’t replace, embrace Excel®

Build on the spreadsheets you already have in Microsoft Excel®. Why go through the pain of learning a new system?

Centralized Database

Seamless data integration

Combine sales, marketing, customer care and finance data – from customer analytics, marketing automation, GL systems and more – in one secure database to access and share information.

With Vena’s sales performance management software, manage and act on the metrics that deliver the most predictable, optimal revenues for your organization.

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