Success Stories & Reviews

Video testimonials and customer case studies illustrating the benefits and value Vena brings to finance departments and their organizations

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Enterprise Software Director and Architect
Asure Software

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How AEG Presents Turned Days of Forecasts Into Minutes

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Vena Case Study: Cumming Corporation

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Some of our esteemed clients

“Vena is our ideal solution, as it combines Microsoft Excel with a central database that connects to data sources from different departments. It allows us to incorporate both financial and non-financial data into faster, more accurate budgeting, salary planning, and long- and short-term forecasting.”

Lori Lambert
Business Systems Manager
Biola University

“We wanted to keep our Excel functionality. That was important to us…We’ve streamlined and cleaned up our processes. Now I have extra days. I can actually spend that time on value-added review of my overall document.”

Mike Farrow
Director of Financial Reporting

“We do a biweekly cost report on each production which previously took someone a full day to perform and is now largely done automatically, freeing up time for our staff to do other work.”

George Taylor
Bardel Entertainment

“We were able to incorporate more processes than what we originally started with, which, in addition to time savings, ensured error-free reporting and seamless integration of various sub-processes (in the end – resulting in higher-quality deliverables).”

Teymur Mammadov
Assistant VP
Home Trust Company

“Visualizations by graphs, charts, tables are easy to set up and maintain while easily keeping the integrity of the data. In addition, using ETL functionality, we can layer on more daily data for the last decade for historical series in graphs.”

Megan Bladen-Blinkoff
Petroleum Analyst
Murphy Oil Co. Ltd., Oil & Energy