The Vena Approach

Transform Microsoft Excel into the finance process management solution you’ve always wanted.

With Vena, you can automate all your spreadsheet-driven finance and accounting processes—including budgeting, planning, revenue forecasting, month-end close, regulatory reporting, and more.

And since you can do this all from within Excel’s familiar interface, you can see rapid ROI. In fact, Vena customers have reported that they now create budgets 75 percent faster with 90 percent fewer errors.


Vena’s intuitive, Excel based platform is proven to provide a 3-year ROI of 456% and payback within just 6 months.

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If you know Excel, you know Vena

With Vena, your team can use Excel as they always do. This eliminates the risk that you will invest in costly technology that no one wants to use. Vena customers report high levels of adoption and a 19 percent increase in finance team productivity, as staying within Excel eliminates users’ learning curve.

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Take Excel to the next level

With Vena, you’ll get the full power of Excel, including 400+ functions, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) features. You’ll also make Excel more powerful by adding automated workflows, audit trails, and version control.

And you won’t need to rebuild your existing templates, formulas, and models to perform in-depth financial reporting and analysis. Vena automatically inventories and renovates your existing Excel templates and reports—saving you the tedious, error-prone work of recreating everything in a new environment.

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Why Vena?

Align stakeholders with the right data

Vena connects Excel to data from your ERP, GL, CRM, business intelligence, and other source systems. Centralizing this data ensures that all stakeholders – not just in finance – can analyze numbers, report on key metrics, and collaborate using the most up-to-date data.

Stop version control issues in their tracks

Vena’s centralized database provides robust version control and guarantees data integrity. With Vena, you’ll no longer need to search through shared drives or follow up with people for the correct numbers, as you’ll always have a single version of the truth at your fingertips.

Shorten cycle times with automated workflows

Vena’s intuitive, drag-and-drop workflow engine makes it easy for you to define and automate your business processes. Save endless hours so you can complete budgets faster and meet all of your reporting deadlines.

Maintain tight control over data access

Vena’s security model incorporates single sign-on, per-user access controls, and makes secure access to data easy, while SSAE 16, EU-US ensures your data is always engulfed in airtight safety. Vena also simplifies audits by allowing you to log user activity and analyze changes over time.

Create accurate, insightful reports in just minutes

With Vena, you can create dynamic reports directly from Microsoft Excel, using a simple drag-and-drop interface with ready-made templates. Or, enable faster insights and more informed decisions with the Vena Power BI data connector. Vena’s native integration with Microsoft Power BI makes it easy for you to create interactive dashboards and stunning visualizations.

Plan for any scenario and quickly react to change

Vena’s financial intelligence engine makes it easy for you to perform advanced modeling and analytics—using your existing Excel templates and formulas. Instantly pull historical data into Excel and perform top-down and bottom-up modeling, or adjust your parameters to immediately see how these changes will impact your revenue and performance.

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“What Vena provides us is a platform that can give ultimate flexibility – with limited IT support. I have full control over the environment, and there hasn’t been functionality that I haven’t been able to deploy.”

Rob Pastega
Senior Manager, Demand & Supply Planning
  • Nutanix

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“The Power BI Connector let us connect our Vena data with data from other key sources—with very little effort. This critical integration helps us understand when we are off-trend. We now have the ability to quickly adjust, focus on the problem, and find a solution.”

Dominic Di Bernardo
Chief Business Intelligence Officer
  • Cumming Corporation

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