Embrace, don't replace, your spreadsheets

Vena’s corporate performance management software combines native Microsoft® Excel® with the sophisticated workflow, audit capabilities, business rules and central database of an enterprise-class solution.

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Enterprise Budgeting & Planning with Excel for Dummies is a free eBook that examines the pros and cons of using Excel as opposed to more complex, proprietary ERP or corporate performance management (CPM) solutions.

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We wanted to keep our Excel functionality. That was important to us… We’ve streamlined and cleaned up our processes. Now, I have extra days. I can actually spend that time doing value-added review.
Mike Farrow, Director of Financial Reporting, AES
Vena allowed us to step back and look at the process to see how we could build a structure to meet all needs – accounting, financial reporting and tax.
Sarah McMullen, Assistant Controller, First Wind
Vena is easy to adopt, has a low implementation risk and begins adding value in just weeks.
Dan Mannisto, CEO, Applied Analytix

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